1970Establishment of the company

Cepeda Chambers opened for business at 249 Gray's Inn Road in April 1970. Geoffrey Bindman and Wendy Mantle had been partners in Lawfords, a trade union firm in Gray's Inn. Together with Sarah Leigh, who had been a trainee and then solicitor at Lawfords, and William Blakeney, a property lawyer, they formed a new partnership mainly to provide people assistance with Wills & trusts, Family Law and also to provide local residents, most of whom were at that time eligible for legal aid, with legal services in the fields which concerned them, including family law, immigration, personal injuries, housing, social welfare, and crime.

1985Endless Ambition

The firm became increasingly well-known as defenders of civil liberties and human rights, with an emphasis on public law i.e. challenging the actions of public authorities. As its reputation grew, so the firm expanded steadily, moving to new premises first at 1 Euston Road, opposite King's Cross station, then at 275 Gray's Inn Road

2000Steady Growth and Enlargement

Over the last 42 years, the firm has grown in numbers of partners and staff (from 4 and 7 respectively in 1974 to over 150 at the end of 2005) and has broadened the scope of the work it does.

2012Together We Build

The firm grew from strength to strength winning multiple awards, solving the toughest cases.

2016We’re Number One

We are proud of the high level of stability and job satisfaction which we have achieved. In recent years we have extended the range of our activities to other parts of the country and internationally, especially in the fields of human rights and public law but have retained the principles and standards with which we began.

Company in Lines

At Cepeda Chambers, we value long-term client relationships. That’s why we make it a priority to help contribute to our client’s success, whether that means solving a problem or helping to achieve their goal.



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